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About Pilates

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esceesceescenas de peliculas de mujeres violadas

esce Instructor Profiles


Studio Information

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Pilates Precision

Pilates Precision is true to our motto of clarity, quality and integrity and our harmonious team environment enhances the excellence of our service.  Each instructor has completed extensive apprentice hours and is fully qualified to teach Mat and all  apparatus at an internationally recognized level.  All are thoroughly trained to deal with rehabilitation, pregnancy, elite athletes and dancers for specific conditioning. Pilates Precision has a wide and diverse range of clients with specific needs whose ages range from 14 to 82.

Pilates Precision considers Pilates to be the ‘champagne of exercise’ and sets a new paradigm of excellence in teaching and attentive supervision of its clients.

The studio is certified by the

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Pilates Australasian Alliance, as is the principal escenas de peliculas de mujeres violadas
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.  At Pilates Precision all team members are chosen as much for their integrity, passion to their profession and commitment to the finer applications of the Method, as well as their solid training credentials.  We maintain our high standards by ongoing training and constant evaluation of our approaches.

Programs are personalized and frequently assessed and progressed or modified where appropriate. Our clients and their individual needs are important to us and we have created a learning environment which is both enlightening and fun. We have a loyal, happy and satisfied client base which is rapidly growing. 

esceescenas de peliculas de mujeres violadas The PAA approved  teaching standards sets a maximum ratio of 4 clients to 1 instructor in group apparatus sessions. The maximum will be 4 to 1 instructor at our studio for supervised workouts but where possible we aim for a 3 to 1 ratio in order to maintain teaching excellence. 

The team includes Helen Kirk and Janeen Tunnicliffe, both studio graduates of Pilates International Training Centre with occasional teaching by Robynne Andrews, who is a PITC Mat graduate.

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The Mat and Studio Sessions    

escenas de peliculas de mujeres violadasesce The Mat has been called by Romana Kryzanowska ( one of the last of Pilates' original instructors) 'the jewel of the Method.' As the name implies, this is a workout on a mat, and does not involve equipment. It begins at a fundamental level and when it is at an advanced level it is extremely vigorous and challenging.

In a studio situation the apparatus assists in safe movement and is spring loaded at various intensities. A low impact workout with varying resistance and a selection from several exercises determines the level of each individual's workout. The full repertoire is over 500. At a more advanced level, springs are actually lightened to challenge the body's strength and balance.

Pilates has been given a high profile by celebrity publicists but it is suitable for sufferers of back pain, post injury recovery, during pregnancy ( and post ), general fitness and elite athletic or dance performance. It is as much about health and strength, as well as body shaping. For many devotees it is a way of living, enthusiastically practiced for life. Even today, the remaining 'elders' still continue to teach and practice his technique and continue to inspire the new generations of teachers.

Its increased popularity has created a surge in instructors of various levels of training.

 Fully trained instructors are required by their institutions, whether English or USA to do many practical hours on their own bodies and supervised teaching before teaching clients.

The Pilates method relies on careful individual supervision so that each client understands how to work correctly and not reinforce faulty movement patterns.  Emphasis is on balancing out each person’s strengths and weaknesses, taking into consideration individual postural problems, injuries or conditions and working at your own pace.   

All levels of fitness are catered for at Pilates Precision. A low impact workout with varying resistance and a selection from hundreds of exercises determines the intensity of each individual’s workout.  Pilates is ideal for sufferers of back pain, post injury recovery, pregnancy and after birth, general fitness and elite athletic performance.


Research has now demonstrated that rest does little to help injuries repair.  Most injuries respond better to appropriately designed and supervised exercise, coordinated with treatment.  An injury can lead to general body deconditioning unless the needs of the whole body are addressed.  With Pilates, muscle strength and flexibility are maintained throughout the entire body while the particular injury repairs.  Recovery times are often dramatically reduced.  Typically, injury recovery requires a 3-6 month time frame and 2-3 visits per week.

At Pilates Precision, we believe a combined approach to the management of injuries and chronic pain is paramount and we endeavour to liaise with relevant healthcare practitioners to provide the client with an appropriate exercise program.

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